Do not keep your beloved family seat over CNG bomb, switch to LPG….Be safe and keep safe.
No crisis, save upto 50% on your fuel economy and run your business smoothly. So no more delay switch to LPG Conversion today.
Choosing LPG is Choosing Ultmate Future….

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LPG Conversion

Want more bang for your buck? Save on fuel expenses with an LPG conversion and installation.

The engine is the heart of your vehicles. So we value of your car engine as well as your economical state. LPG conversion can save upto 50% on your fuel economy than other fuels, allowing you to recover the cost of an LPG installation in a relatively short time. Keep it functional with full efficiency by converting it into LPG.

When you bring your vehicle in for an LPG conversion and installation there is little that needs to be changed in the way of the car’s current structure but the following will be added;

  • An LPG tank will be installed, either in the boot or under the car if there is enough clearance. 
  • A convertor will be installed to convert the liquid gas into vapour.
  • An air/fuel mixer or LGP injector will be installed to ensure the right mix of air and LPG is mixed to power the car.
  • LPG Refueling port
  • Multi Valve
  • Reducer
  • Filter
  • Injector Rail
  • Change Over Switch
  • Gas ECU