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LPG Dispenser

ADVANCE LPG ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY LTD offers Japanese LPG dispenser in Bangladesh. We are one of the distributors of Tatsuno Corporation for almost over a decade. TATSUNO is the largest fuel dispenser and petroleum equipment manufacturer in Japan. Tatsuno Corporation was established in Tokyo at the year of 1911. Gradually TATSUO has continued to expand their business. Beside Japan, It has manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia.

LPG is the 3rd most popular automotive fuel in the world, with approximately 16 million cars powered by this. This LPG, Auto-gas Station would be the most popular alternative fuel in Bangladesh. Advance LPG Engineering Technology LTD designs & constructs LPG Fuel Filling Station. We mainly focus our services and support on the design of the LPG Station’s Pump, Pipelines, Underground LPG Storage Tank, LPG Dispenser, Control Panel etc. From Pre Site Inspection to Commissioning, Advance LPG Engineering Technology LTD assigns one experienced engineer to build tailor made LPG Station that fits for client’s need for now and future.

LPG Dispenser Features:

* Electric Calibration System

* Self Diagnosis : Error status can be shown on the display.

* Measurement Induction: Amount – 6 Digit, Volume – 6 Digit, Unit Price – 4 Digit.

* Reset: Push Type, Start & Stop Button.

* Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1/100

* Earthquake Sensor: Filling will be stopped at five intensity.