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LPG Flow meter

You can monitor your fuel consumption with precision

Did you know it adds to the efficiency of your process?

Industrial operations often consume a lot of LPG at a very fast rate. Sometimes it becomes difficult to manually keep a track of the fuel levels. For these purposes, Advance LPG Engineering Technology LTD provides you the Mass Flow Meter, a unique device which is used to measure the mass of LPG consumed in different applications in the manufacturing process.

Working Principle

The Mass Flow Meter works on the Coriolis principle. In this method, a Coriolis tube placed inside the Mass Flow Meter constantly oscillates due to in-built exciters. The movement of mass through the tube coupled with the Coriolis Principle facilitates the oscillation of the inlet and outlet sections in different directions. The highly sensitive sensors giving us a direct measure of the flow of liquid or gas in the pipe pick up these changes.